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Target did so well over the holiday season despite being closed on Thanksgiving Day that they have already announced that they will be closed on Thanksgiving Day of 2021. Yes, the holiday that's not for another 10 months. It seems like such an early announcement!

Target released a statement about the numbers from this past holiday season. Sales during the holidays actually grew 17.2% compared to the year before. They also mentioned that sales on same-day services, so Order Pick Up, Drive Up, and Shipt, grew 193%.

Actually in December alone "guests purchased 150 million items using Drive Up and Order Pickup". That's almost four times as many orders as the year before! They also broke a record in December for the most fulfilled Drive Up and Order Pickup in one day with the total being 6.5 million items. In one day! And their Cyber Week that they had in 2020 was their biggest yet.

With all that being said, clearly, Target did very well during the holiday season even though they were closed on Thanksgiving Day. So Target has already made the call that they will be closed on Thanksgiving Day of this year. I'm glad they won't be open on Thanksgiving Day! It gives employees the chance to spend time with family and/or friends rather than working and it also keeps Black Friday on Black Friday. I really don't like that so many stores have had Black Friday bleed into Thanksgiving.

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