This morning we were talking about how the average woman's purse has 35 things in it when one listener admitted to having a mountain of receipts in hers. The lady told us that she held on to them because she never knew when she'd decide to return something.  Up until now returning items to stores hasn't been a big deal, but that could soon change.

Retailers like Walmart and Target have too much inventory and don't have room to restock items once they've been sold so they are considering some drastic changes to their return polices.

Target, Walmart, and Other Retailers Consider Major Change To Return Policy

They don't have room to restock returned items so they're considering a new policy. Stores are actually considering paying customers to keep the things they're trying to return.

This CNN report explains what is being considered, "Instead of piling returned merchandise onto this growing inventory heap, stores are considering just handing customers their money back and letting them hang onto the stuff they don't want."

I'm not sure how this would work because people would most certainly try to take advantage of this policy. Wouldn't it be easier for stores to stop accepting returns temporarily?

To be clear, paying customers to keep unwanted items is just one idea being kicked around. There is no word on if or when a policy change like this would happen.

HUGE DEALS As Target Slashes Prices To Move Inventory

High gas and grocery prices changed shopping habits quickly and left Target with a bloated inventory that they couldn't get rid of quick enough. NBC News says, Target has canceled new orders from suppliers and is slashing prices.

After Target Lowers Sales Forecast, Shares Plummet
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"In aggressively clearing out unwanted goods, Target wants to make room for what is now in demand, including groceries and makeup products.

You’ll notice mark downs on various items throughout the store, but especially on home goods and clothing.

CBS News also says the price of “big ticket items” like furniture and electronics will be slashed.

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