William Ihles was born with a serious medical condition called tuberous sclerosis. He's had major brain surgery to try to stop the daily seizures, he's seen more doctors than most people will during their entire life, shots, MRIs, etc. His life hasn't been easy. The 10-year-old Minnesota boy's favorite stuffed animal has helped him maintain a positive attitude through all of it.

Unfortunately, the stuffed Eeyore donkey was lost on a recent trip to Arizona. The family told WCCO, They're not sure exactly where he lost it. They believe it was lost in the airport in Phoenix, Dallas or MSP.

The stuffed animal hasn't shown up in the lost and found at any of those airports so now the family is hoping for a miracle with the help of social media. You probably haven't seen Eeyore but by sharing this story you can help spread the word. Hopefully whoever finds the stuffed animal will see this story and be able to connect with the Ihles family.

Read more and see additional pics here.

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