A list has been released of the college campuses across the country that eat the most Chipotle, and the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities ended up making the list. It doesn't surprise me a ton because that is a huge campus, there's a lot of people that could eat Chipotle!

Thrillist writes that "Chipotle has released data revealing the top 25 colleges that go all out for Chipotle, with the most typical order being a Chicken Bowl."

Here are the colleges that eat the most Chipotle out of all college campuses in the entire country:

25. Texas A&M University
24. Purdue University
23. California State University, Long Beach
22. University of California, Davis
21. New York University
20. Temple University
19. University of Cincinnati
18. University of Washington
17. Cuyahoga Community College
16. University of Illinois, Champaign
15. University of Michigan
14. University of Maryland University College
13. Valencia College
12. University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus
11. Arizona State University
10. Penn State University
9. University of Florida
8. University of Maryland, College Park
7. Virginia Commonwealth University
6. University of South Florida
5. University of Southern California
4. University of California, Irvine
3. University of Central Florida
2. Florida State University
1. University of Colorado, Boulder

I was curious as to why the University of Colorado, Boulder got the top spot. My guess was because maybe they have a ton of Chipotles close by. Nope! There's only two! So I have no explanation other than I guess Colorado students really love their Chipotle.


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