My stepson LOVES video games. We have to limit his time otherwise he would sit in front of that TV all day, every day. This mom's scary story is an excellent reminder for all moms to have a conversation with their kids. A conversation that doesn't even come to mind when thinking about my kiddo playing video games. Of course I worry on the regular about strangers being able to talk to him on XBox Live and such, but scammers? Honestly, didn't even think about it.

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According to KARE11, an 8-year-old boy was playing Fortnite while his mom was asleep. She too went through the steps of limiting him, so he found a time that she wouldn't tell him to stop playing. That was the night that changed everything. When his mom woke up in the middle of the night to him playing and two of her purses were in his room. Uh-oh.

After checking a string of messages on the game, she discovered a number from North Carolina was prompting her son to secretly send photos of cards he pulled from her wallet, including the front and back of her driver's license. They promised him V-Bucks (gameplay money) to send it. The kid is 8 - of course he did it. She had never had that conversation with him.

In the KARE11 story, she said that she has filed a report, but the people have yet to do anything with her information. So she waits.

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