This just flat out sucks, but should everybody be super upset about it?

With one of the wackiest springs happening in 35 years, it's understandable for people to get upset with mother nature these days. While students probably don't mind the extra time off with all these snow days, they're most certainly annoyed with the weather imposing rule-changes with their sports just  so they can get all the events in, or even cancelling extra curricular after-school activities, such as prom!

The latter just happened over the weekend to a northern Minnesota community, in Forest Lake. According to KSTP, students and parents aren't necessarily upset the prom was cancelled due to our most recent string of winter storms, but that the timing of it all could have been handled much better.

It turns out the event, which was originally scheduled for 8:30 Saturday night was supposed to be held at St. Paul's Landmark Center, but it was later moved to the high school, because of the worsening weather conditions. Parents were properly notified that morning of the switch, but it wasn't until 45 minutes before the actual start of prom that things were called off completely.

Needless to say the students were upset with the last minute decision, especially after they had already been preparing for their prom all day.

Some came to the school's defense however, saying it made the right call in difficult circumstances, given uncertainty in the forecasts for that area north of the metro.

The prom will be rescheduled for later in the spring, the school district said.

While I can certainly understand why the students, and some parents would be upset about something like this, you cannot be completely mad at the school for cancelling prom for safety reasons. It's been reported that over 630 crashes happened across the state with this historic April storm, so can you imagine the backlash had Forest Lake allowed prom to continue as scheduled, and then these students were involved in any kind of potential accident? They would never hear the end of it.

So while this is certainly frustrating, and you feel bad for everyone involved, I think the right call was eventually made and people should just get over it.

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