Easter is coming up April 4, 2021....and IKEA is selling a Chocolate Easter Bunny for about $5.00. As you might expect from IKEA, it is DIY. However, it does NOT require an engineering degree to get it assembled. It's called the "VARKANSLA - Milk chocolate bunny- self-assembly-UTZ certified 3oz"

It looks like it's available only for purchase at the Minnesota IKEA, but no kidding, how do you know for sure? That website is something else.


This bunny comes flat in three pieces and is super easy to assemble. Bing, bang, boom...done. Which is the way chocolate gifts should be. Lifting hand to mouth is already grueling enough, no sweat should break on one's brow.

IKEA - Link in story.

"Go ahead, play with your food! That’s what this certified sustainable chocolate bunny is for. It’s easily assembled, only three parts. And when you're finished playing, we bet you’ll enjoy eating it, too." (IKEA)

So easy, your kids could do it alone, though the reviews say the chocolate is pretty decent, so it might not make it into the upright bunny stance at all. Most of the SIX reviews are positive, but there always has to be a negative Louise ---

LOUISE - 02/21/2021 - Cute idea. Cute bunny. Wish a few more pieces....

Chocolate Bunny Pieces IKEA - Link in story.

If you want to stick with American chocolate, you can head to Target for the Hershey Easter Build A Bunny, but its no where near as stylish...and look at the label. The bunny chocolate is nothing like the bunny they're showing off. Hershey has turned this into a house of lies! lol. Kidding, Hershey, don't sue us.

Hershey - Link in story.

Seriously, Hershey, Pennsylvania? This is what you're turning out? Yum>

Hershey - Link in story.

IKEA EASTER RABIT - Some Assembly Required

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