When you think Minnesota, what do you think? Oversized jackets? Clunky boots? Red noses? Hans Solo fall wardrobe? Swamp ass? It truly depends on the season, but none of them seem all that sexy to me. I'm allowed to say that, because I was born and raised here, and am 100% guilty of all of the above. Clearly, this magazine and its readers agree. We came in pretty low - 37th - on their 'Sexiest States in America' list.

Big 7 travel magazine conducted the survey by asking their 1.5 million social media followers what state is the sexiest. They used no further specifications, just the word "sexy" so interpretation of the word was up to them. This is what happened.


  1. Illinois --- Their reasoning? Look at all the sexy celebrities that come from there - Dwayne Wade and Michelle Obama for example.
  2. Colorado --- One of the fittest states in America, I'm not surprised. Home of Heidi Montag
  3. Florida --- All those retirees? This one surprised me. Home of Ariana Grande and Eva Mendes
  4. California --- When you spend 90% of your life on a beach, um, yeah! Home of Ben Affleck and Jessica Alba
  5. Hawaii --- Home of Bruno Mars and Barack Obama
  6. Texas --- Home of Matthew McConaughey and Selena Gomez
  7. Pennsylvania --- Home of Taylor Swift and Tina Fey
  8. Louisiana --- Home of Ellen DeGeneres and DJ Khaled
  9. Massachusetts --- Home of John F. Kennedy and Uma Thurman
  10. New York --- Home of Lady GaGa and 50 Cent

37th. Minnesota


  1. Nebraska
  2. Alaska
  3. New Jersey
  4. Alabama
  5. Maine

Click here to read the entire list. Do you agree? What state do you think has the sexiest humans?

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