Nothing makes me rage on the road more than a slow driver in the left lane! Check your mirrors people! If there's a parade of cars behind you, move over!

I first learned about the "left lane" law driving through Missouri several years ago. I was minding my business cruising in the left lane when a Missouri State Trooper flipped around to pull me over. He let me go with a warning but explained the law in that state clearly says that the left lane is for passing only. I was 17 and unaware. I only had to be told once. Several states enforce the left lane law.

Minnesota does not.

Tiffani Nielson from the Minnesota State Patrol told WCCO, " We don’t stop left lane campers, sitting in the left lane driving the speed limit. If they’re driving the speed limit, they’re not violating the law.”

ARRRRRRRRRGHGHHGHGHGGH!!!! Ok, so technically you don't have to get out the left lane, but a lot of us would really appreciate it if you did.


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