People are clearly fired up for the upcoming election. Last week Fox 9 reported, "3.5 million Minnesotans had registered to vote." There's clearly a lot of enthusiasm and you're likely to engage or at least encounter some of that on social media. So, what are the rules in Minnesota when it comes to posting a voting selfie?

The Minnesota Sectrary of State's website explains: There is no law that strictly prohibits taking photos or videos in the polling place to record your own voting experience. However, the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State discourages this activity for the following reasons:

  • Voters have a right to privacy, both as to how an individual has voted as well as whether or not an individual has voted. Either or both of these could be compromised by pictures or video. In addition, other voters' objections to being photographed could lead to disruptions within the polling place.

  • When voter turnout is high there may be lines and polling places may be crowded. Voters have a right to take the time they need to vote, but should not take extra time to take pictures.

You can post a picture of yourself, but you are not allowed to post a picture of your marked ballot. Minnesota Statutes 204C.17 VOTING; SECRECY clearly states, "If a voter, after marking a ballot, shows it to anyone except as authorized by law, the election judges shall refuse to deposit the ballot in any ballot box and shall place it among the spoiled ballots."

So, keep your ballot to yourself if you want your vote to be counted. Click here for more information on the 2020 election.

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