It was a situation that she was told "happens all the time." But for her, and any mom, it's a moment we all fear. A mom and her daughter were spending time at the Burnsville Center. A mall that I've been to a number of times.

While at the mall, they stopped by the food court. The daughter was sitting and eating, while the mom was waiting in line for food. When the mom returned to the table, the daughter said a man was watching her, and approached the table several times. A man wearing a uniform with his cell phone in hand.

The two went to the security station where they were already well aware of this man, and said "they finally had enough to get him!" According to her Facebook post, she was told that the Burnsville Center is a "hot spot" because of it's location near the intersection.

To read the entire Facebook post with her awesome advice, click here. 

While this didn't happen here in Rochester, Burnsville is still close and frequented by people across the area. Not to mention, there are many malls that we will visit that will be close to an intersection. This post makes for a great conversation starter with your kids. Be aware, be safe!


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