Those of us raising our families here already knew that Minnesota is a pretty good place for kids to grow up. Now, a study by the Annie E. Casey Foundation is touting Minnesota as the best place in the country for kids!

In the foundation's 2015 Child Well-Being Rankings, our state ranks right at the top. The study looks at four main factors in determining where states rate.

Economic well-being factored into the study, including the number of children living in poverty or in households where parents don't have secure employment, among other issues.

Education was another factor, and includes the number of children in preschool, and the number of teenage high school dropouts who are not employed.

Health and healthcare was another area that was studied, including the percentage of children without health insurance and the number of child and teen deaths per 100,000 children.

Finally, the family and community ranking was determined by factors including the percentage of children in single-parent families, the percentage living in poverty-stricken areas and teen pregnancy rates.

Minnesota scored in the top six in all four areas to grab the top overall position in the study. Iowa also scored highly, coming in fourth. North Dakota came in seventh, Wisconsin was ranked thirteenth and South Dakota placed seventeenth.

The states that finished at the bottom of the list, according to the study, were Mississippi, New Mexico and Louisiana.