We've all heard the phrase "Minnesota Nice". Well one Minnesotan is proving it's a real thing.

Credit: MyPillow via Twitter
Credit: MyPillow via Twitter

Imagine having everything you love and cherish taken away from you. Now imagine not being able to get a good nights rest on top of that.

That's what Hurricane Harvey victims are dealing with right now as the aftermath from all the flooding has taken away many of their beds.

Well one Minnesotan who's business involves your rest and relaxation is helping people by planning to send another batch of his patented pillows to those recovering from Hurricane Harvey.

Last week, MyPillow founder and CEO Mike Lindell delivered 60,000 pillows from his Twin Cities warehouse to the Texas Gulf Coast. You can see those images on his twitter page HERE.

Now MyPillow plans to send a second batch, this time 20,000 the company announced Tuesday.

Like those pillows, the new ones will be delivered to those who have been displaced by Harvey's damage or anyone who's been working around the clock to rescue them.

“I’m all about helping people; that’s been my passion. I didn’t even hesitate,” Lindell said. “My passion’s always been to help people.”

The project is organized by the brand new Lindell Foundation, which is also accepting donations for hurricane relief, which passed the $100,000 mark on Tuesday evening.

Mike, you're a stunning example of a true American! I'm sure the Harvey victims will truly appreciate your donation... especially on your dime. BRAVO!

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