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On The Ellen Show every holiday season, Ellen does a segment called '12 Days of Giveaways' where audience members get some incredible gifts. She also features special guests and on one particular '12 Days of Giveaways' Ellen featured nurses from Minnesota! Except... she said the wrong city.

The nurses were from Regions Hospital and they were a part of the virtual audience for the show. Most of us Minnesotans may know that Regions Hospital is located in St. Paul. But Ellen and her team didn't know that and said that the nurses were from Regions Hospital in Minneapolis. So close.

All of us from Minnesota are CRINGING at that mistake! But let argue for Ellen and her team for a second. Many people who don't live in Minnesota or aren't from Minnesota usually lump Minneapolis and St. Paul together. So they may have known that Regions was in the Twin Cities and they thought "Well, Minneapolis and St. Paul are basically the same, we'll just say Minneapolis." Sigh. All well, people in other states most likely had no idea.

The gifts given away during the '12 Days of Giveaways' are pretty massive, and the day these Minnesota nurses were featured was no exception. $500 in Visa gift cards, a $250 Fini gift card, and a $500 Outdoorsy gift card are just some of the gifts people got!

Check out the video of when Ellen messed up the Minnesota city name below. You can skip ahead to about 0:58.

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