There have already been 3 toddlers poisoned by this product this summer, so the Minnesota Poison Control is warning families about this product before it's too late for others!

It's quite popular to throw some flame colorant into bonfires, especially over the 4th of July. But if the product is ingested it could burn your esophagus and intestines! Yikes! The specific product that is the culprit of the sicknesses of these 3 children is produced by Mystical Distributing called Mystical Fire.

The warning on the package says to not open the packaging and that it needs to be tossed in the fire with the package sealed. It also states “Caution! Irritant. Harmful if swallowed. Keep out of reach of children.”

As we know, toddlers are very curious and like to put things in their mouths, hence the "Keep out of reach of children" warning but unfortunately, these 3 toddlers were still poisoned.

A way to tell if your child has been poisoned by this product is if their vomit is a bright blue or bright green, the same color the fire would turn when this product is put in.

So if you decide to add some fun colors to your fire this summer, be sure to follow the instructions: keep the package closed and keep out of reach of children!


Source: Kare 11


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