Ever since Minnesota's new hands-free law went into effect, it's definitely impacted the way I drive. I'll be honest, it's often been difficult to not check my phone out of habit when I'm at a stoplight; then I remember that I really don't want to pay a nasty ticket just because I had to check Twitter for 10 seconds.

But hearing about "Operation Busted By The Bus" may have officially spooked me from even touching my phone when I'm behind the wheel. Because the cops could be ANYWHERE, man!

Eagan police officers recently spent an afternoon catching distracted drivers while hiding inside a school bus. According to Patch, they ended up making 152 traffic stops over a 5-hour period. No kids were on the bus, and no fake stops were made to catch anyone. But based on the Eagan Police department's official Twitter account, a lot of drivers weren't exactly criminal masterminds when it came to not getting caught while driving distracted:

*smacks forehead*

ALWAYS wear a seatbelt when eating with chopsticks while driving. Got it.

Stay off your phones when you're behind the wheel, people. You NEVER KNOW who might be around to catch you doing something that's probably pretty embarrassing!

Source: Twitter via Patch

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