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Energy-efficiency is a big thing on people's minds nowadays. Is my home energy-efficient? What about my car or where I work? Well, you will be happy to know (I know I was excited about these results!) that Minnesota has been ranked as one of the most energy-efficient states in the entire country!

According to a new study done by Wallethub, Minnesota is the fourth most energy-efficient state. In order to determine their rankings, Wallethub looked at two different sources. Here were the categories that they used to create their list:

Efficiency of Auto-Energy Consumption
Efficiency of Home-Energy Consumption

A quick note, Alaska and Hawaii were not included in the study "due to data limitations", according to WalletHub.

So how did Minnesota do in these two categories? In the 'efficiency of auto-energy consumption' category, we got rank 28 and for the 'efficiency of home-energy consumption' category we did really well, we ranked 2nd! The individual category rankings earned us the number 4 spot on the list.

Here are the top 10 most energy-efficient states according to Wallethub's study:

1. Utah
2. New York
3. Massachusetts
4. Minnesota
5. Rhode Island
6. Vermont
7. Colorado
8. Oregon
9. California
10. Wisconsin

And just because I was curious and I know you are too, here are the 10 LEAST energy-efficient states:

48. South Carolina
47. West Virginia
46. Tennessee
45. Louisiana
44. Alabama
43. Mississippi
42. Arkansas
41. Kentucky
40. Georgia
39. Oklahoma

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