"This was such a beautiful experience that was so special I almost got a little emotional."

The quote above comes from an article on  Eat This, Not That and was made by someone who had recently enjoyed an incredible meal at a special Minnesota restaurant. It was a very memorable meal for that diner. And, that meal has been recognized as the 'once in a lifetime' meal here in Minnesota.

The food site says it is a must for all Minnesotans, no matter how far they have to travel to get to the restaurant.

How Is Once-In-A-Lifetime Defined?

Your first kiss is a once-in-a-lifetime moment. Sure, you'll kiss a lot in your life, but you only have one true first kiss.

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I believe that's the logic used here. You can go back to the restaurant over and over, but your first time is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, that you'll never forget and can't be replicated.

The Minnesota Restaurant Recognized For 'Once In A Lifetime' Meal

There are a ton of amazing restaurants in Minnesota. Many have been showcased on the Food Network, see that list below, but only one has been recognized for its once-in-a-lifetime meal.

You should plan to visit this restaurant with friends or family for a special occasion and block off some time. Each guest is treated to a ten-course meal.

Kaiseki Furukawa is a modern Japanese kitchen and bar located at 33 North First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN.

I've never been, but based on what I've seen and read online you will have a very memorable experience.

Eat This, Not That says, "each ten-course seasonal tasting is done at the second-floor chef's tasting counter, where you can wine and dine in an intimate setting."

The menu is constantly evolving and subject to changes based on seasonality.

All 37 Minnesota Restaurants that Have Been Featured on the Food Network

Many Minnesota restaurants have been featured on the Food Network over the years. Some have closed now, but I checked out the Food Networks website, the Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives website, and TVFoodMaps.com to find all of the Minnesota restaurants that have been featured on their channel in the past and found these 37 (in no particular order) that are still open.

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