The Osakis School Board in Osakis, Minnesota, is requiring female students to submit a picture of their prom dresses before they can wear it to prom this year, according to a St. Paul Pioneer Press story. Apparently, too many dresses are provocative and revealing. Here's what Osakis School Board advisors told students in a formal letter regarding prom dress code:

For ladies, an acceptable prom dress is one that you would feel comfortable wearing to a formal event at your church. Dresses that expose undergarments, midriff and other low-cut areas, even with a see through material, are not acceptable. Two-piece dresses are allowed as long as the entire midriff is covered. Length of dresses must be lower than the fingertips when arms are held straight down at sides.

This sort of approval system is not new. In Philadelphia, it became a hotly-contested topic at Archbishop Ryan High School. So much so that the students started a petition to get Archbishop Ryan High School to change its approval system.

A statement was released by The Archdioceses of Philadelphia regarding the dress code:

As our high schools are Catholic, they seek to engender holistic Christian formation of young men and women spiritually, academically, and socially. The intention of the policy is to ensure modesty in dress at this social function, which is school sponsored.

Here's an example of the sort of prom dress that might not meet approval. What do you think? Do the schools need to lighten up? Would you let your daughter wear this?



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