Any kid dreams about this: having an ice cream vending machine. How cool, right?! There's a Minnesota ice cream shop that has made that dream a reality with a 24/7 ice cream vending machine. The shop is called What's the Scoop?.

The What's the Scoop? location that has this vending machine is in St. Michael, Minnesota, which is northwest of Minneapolis by Albertville. In December of last year, so just over a month ago, they added this ice cream vending machine outside of their store. That way people can come get ice cream any time.

It's so funny to think about an ice cream shop deciding in the middle of a Minnesota winter that now is the perfect time to launch their new ice cream vending machine. But the thing is, people are already loving it and we Minnesota's will gladly eat ice cream any time of year!

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Based on pictures it looks like there are up to 12 flavors available in the vending machine. They say on a Facebook post that they stock the vending machine daily. Yes, you can go to the store and buy ice cream if the ice cream shop is closed, but what kind of fun is that? An ice cream vending machine is just too cool!

I'm not sure what flavors they offer in the vending machine, but the ones they have in store sound so good. Like Amaretto Mackinac Island Fudge, Caramel Collision, and Blueberry Waffle Cone... yum!

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