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Just when we thought 2020 couldn't throw any more weirdness at us, get ready for not just a full moon, but a rare blue moon over the Minnesota sky this Halloween.

If you're one who puts a lot of stock into superstitions, you might want to think twice before heading out this Saturday, which, of course, is Halloween. That's because the Minnesota sky will feature a full moon ON Halloween night, something that doesn't happen too much.

In fact, according to this ABC News story, having a full moon on Halloween is an occurrence that only rolls around once every 18 to 19 years. Okay, so while a full moon on Halloween can be a little spooky in itself, the full moon set to take to the skies over the Land of 10,000 Lakes this Saturday is set to be even more rare, because it's actually a blue moon, as well.

But, no, the moon won't actually appear blue in color (unless you've had a couple of adult beverages perhaps.) The Old Farmers Almanac says it's called a blue moon because it's actually the second full moon of the month. (We already had a full moon on October 1st.)

Technically, the OFA says there's even a more descriptive name that could apply to the Halloween blue moon: the Hunter's Blue Moon on Halloween. They explain it like this:  October’s first full moon is called the Harvest Moon, while the second full moon (the blue moon) is also called the Hunter's Moon. If you prefer a more creative name, you could call this special full moon the Hunter’s Blue Moon on Halloween," they noted.

While more frequent than a full moon on Halloween, blue moons don't happen all that, either. ABC noted that the last blue moon took place on March 18th, 2018. So, yeah, if you're into superstitions the Hunter's Blue Moon on Halloween could lead to some, uh, interesting things. And, keep scrolling to check out some strangely spooky event and paranormal experiences various celebrities have encountered... if you dare!

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