A 15-year-old Minnesotan who seriously loves fishing just reeled in his biggest personal catch ever, and it's really impressive! The teen's name is Jack and he caught a fish the other day on Lake Nokomis that was a whopping 40 inches.

Jack's dad told KARE 11 that Jack is obsessed with fishing. When he's not outside actually fishing, he's inside "watching videos of huge fish and how to catch them on YouTube." He also spends any money he makes on fishing gear. Rods, tackle, etc.

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It's a good thing he's been watching all of those YouTube videos because I'm sure it came in handy when reeling in this big guy!

Jack had gone out to see if he could catch a muskie the other day, that was his goal when he went out. Pretty soon, a fish bit his line and started to take off. Jack got everything under control, a nearby fisherman came over to help with a muskie net (which was definitely needed) and Jack reeled in a 40-inch-long muskie.

Check that guy out! I'm no fisherman but I think this is a really impressive catch for a 15-year-old. And his last personal record was actually pretty close in size, too. Last summer he caught a 38-inch northern pike on Lake Harriet.

I'd imagine Jack will continue to fish, learn, and hone in his skills. I wouldn't be surprised if we see another crazy fishing story about him in the future.

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