Valleyfair saw some major flooding over the past few weeks with the crazy rain we've been getting in Minnesota this summer. The flooding was so bad it closed some rides at the back of the grounds and their parking lot.

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Insane Flooding at Valleyfair

I saw drone footage going around of the flooding and it was nuts! You can check it out for yourself if you haven't seen it. It was done by Nathan Klok Photography. I think the craziest part of the video is seeing the rest of Valleyfair still open with people on the rides and everything. I also found this video from KARE 11 of the flooding:

After seeing the videos and hearing the news about shutting down rides I thought for sure they'd be out of commission for the rest of the season.

I didn't know if the water would go down enough or if it would do a ton of damage to the rides and they'd have to spend a lot of time fixing them up.

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Turns out, things are on the up and up at Valleyfair because they're already reopening parts of the back area that flooded!


Valleyfair Reopening Rides After Flooding

The rides that were closed due to the flooding were Excalibur, Thunder Canyon, and Renegade. The closure of those was announced at the end of June. Then, just a few days later, they closed all of their parking because it was completely underwater.

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But there's good news now! Valleyfair announced on their Facebook page that their parking is now reopened. That makes visitors' lives easier.

They also announced on Monday that Renegade is back open and Excalibur reopened yesterday! I haven't seen an update on Thunder Canyon yet so as far as I'm aware, that one is still closed for now. But according to Bring Me the News, Valleyfair expects all rides to be reopened by the end of this week.

Jordan Sternberg, Valleyfair
Jordan Sternberg, Valleyfair

I'm really glad that the flooding got under control, people can go and enjoy themselves at Valleyfair, and we finally don't have rain every day in the forecast anymore.

Speaking of Valleyfair, did you see that Six Flags now owns Valleyfair? We've got that story as well, including if this means any future changes to Valleyfair.

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