Here's a salute to everyone raising their kids the 'right' way. We all know there isn't a recipe to follow for great kids, it's all about experiences, both shared and experienced alone. These two young men down in Monticello, are sharing a great experience by helping someone out, and guess what they are already making a positive impact in their community, and they aren't done with school yet.

A big tip of the cap off to these two young men, who decided on their own to go and shovel a local firefighter's driveway after the snow we had. Talk about doing the RIGHT thing!

Monti Fire would like to recognize the generosity of these two young gentlemen who took it upon themselves to shovel one of our firefighter's driveways as a way to pay it forward. These guys deserve a pat as a great example of our generous community. Nice job boys!
Given the current weather outlook, this is another great opportunity to remind folks that they too can look after their neighbors by finding a nearby fire hydrant and clearing the snow 3ft around each side, leaving access to the road. Stay safe Monticello!
I have to be honest, I don't know these kids' names if you do send us a message on our free app, but their kindness should be recognized and celebrated.
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After the shoutout the Monticello Fire Department reminded residents, and it goes for everywhere, make sure you adopt a hydrant and clear around it. A fire doubles in size every 30 seconds, which is scary to think about. Think about this: the closest hydrant to your house is buried and your house catches fire, the firefighters are going to be spending time digging out the hydrant rather than controlling your house fire.
I've got a neighbor who takes care of the hydrant by our house, who is taking care of the one near your place?

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