Well, this is a crazy stat. There's a Minnesota city and a Wisconsin city that landed on the list of the most dangerous places not only in the country but in the entire world!

I definitely don't feel like we live in a scary state but evidently the crime stats say otherwise.

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Most Dangerous Places in the World Based on Crime

This ranking of the most dangerous places in the world was put together by a site called Numbeo, which is a "crowd-sourced global database of quality of life data".

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The website gathers information from people who submit their own data and using that, they determine things like the average cost of living, crime rates, etc.

Based off of what people have reported around the world, Numbeo comes out with their annual Crime Index ranking the most dangerous places in the world.

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Both the Wisconsin city and the Minnesota city ranked in the top 100.

Most Dangerous City in Wisconsin

According to data from Numbeo, the most dangerous city in Wisconsin is Milwaukee.

Wei Zeng, Unsplash
Wei Zeng, Unsplash

Milwaukee is a big city with over half a million residents so it's not terribly surprising that there would be a higher number of crimes reported. Sadly, that's what happens in big cities.

Milwaukee ranked pretty high on the Crime Index, coming in at number 30.

Most Dangerous City in Minnesota

As for Minnesota's most dangerous city, you may have guessed it, that would be Minneapolis.

Nicole Geri, Unsplash
Nicole Geri, Unsplash

Like I said about Milwaukee, higher crime is kind of what comes with a large city. However, just because a city is pegged as having a high crime rate doesn't mean it's ALL 100% dangerous. There are plenty of places in Minneapolis that I still feel perfectly safe. Minneapolis is massive, so just be smart and stay in the safe areas.

Minneapolis ranked a lot lower than Milwaukee on the rankings, coming in at number 81.

Most Dangerous Towns in Minnesota According to the FBI

I also have data from the FBI that broke down the most dangerous places in Minnesota. Keep scrolling to check it out.

25 Most Dangerous Towns in Minnesota

Using data from the FBI from 2019, I accumulated a list of the 25 most dangerous cities/towns around Minnesota. Some of them on the list make sense, but a few may surprise you.

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