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A Minnesota woman has joined 'The Bachelor'! While watching last night's episode I was very excited to see Minnesotan Michelle Young join the house. If you're not following the season, this season's bachelor is Matt James. The current season has been airing for a few weeks now but Michelle, along with 4 other girls, were brought in partway through the season. Was it to make everything more dramatic? Absolutely. But so far I'm loving Michelle so I'm ok with it!

So a little bit about Michelle. She's a 27-year-old teacher in Edina. Reality Steve, who is well known for knowing the ins and outs of what's going on in 'The Bachelor' franchise, says she's from Woodbury in his tweet revealing the cast but on last night's show they kept mentioning Edina, so we're going with that. She's also a former basketball player.

Matt developed feelings for Michelle very quickly and the feelings seem to be reciprocated. She got the one-on-one date in last night's episode and they seem SUPER into each other, it appears they connected very quickly. Matt mentions in the episode that he loves that she's a teacher and alludes that he can see himself marrying her in the end. So Michelle became a front-runner very quickly!

If you didn't see last night's episode you can check out a clip of their one-on-one date below. The video is from Bachelor Nation on ABC's YouTube.

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