The cast for the upcoming season of 'The Bachelor' was just announced. Among the cast is a Minnesota woman who we'll get to watch this season!

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Who is the The Bachelor?

The new season of 'The Bachelor' features Joey Graziadei as the bachelor. He first appeared on Charity's season of 'The Bachelorette'.

Joey is from Collegeville, PA, he's 28, and he's a pro tennis instructor. In his bio on ABC, it says,

Joey is looking for a life partner who is outgoing, caring, and shares his love for adventure and exploring the outdoors.

Joey's adventure on 'The Bachelor' will begin with him meeting 32 women who are hoping that he is their forever guy. As the season progresses he'll form connections with some and not so much with others. Eventually, it'll be down to two women and he'll propose to one at the end of the season.

Andre Jackson via Unsplash
Andre Jackson via Unsplash

Maybe he'll propose to Daisy from Becker, MN!

Meet the Minnesota Woman on 'The Bachelor'

The Minnesotan woman who is among the 32 women in this new season is named Daisy. She's from Becker, MN just north of the Twin Cities.


Daisy is 25 and works as an account executive. She also grew on a Christmas tree farm. How cute is that?! In her ABC bio, she says she's "SO ready to find the one."

She comes from a big, loving family, and her parents' 30-plus-year marriage has been the blueprint for the kind of love she wants for herself.

Hopefully growing up on a Christmas tree farm made her outdoorsy enough for Joey to like her!

This new season of 'The Bachelor' premieres on Monday, January 22nd.

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