Well that was awesome!

0.19 seconds. That's all that separated Afton, Minnesota's Jessie Diggins to runner-up Sweden, and Norway who's been tearing up this year's winter Olympics in PyeongChang. But it was Diggins' jaw-dropping moment when her ski crossed the finish line first that gave the U.S. their first Olympic gold medal in women's cross country skiing in 42 years!

"I just felt unstoppable, I am in the best shape of my life right now for sure," Diggins said, via USA Today. "That feeling of crossing the line and having Kikkan tackle me was the coolest thing ever."

Both she and teammate Kikkan Randall's race is something you have to watch because it is truly spectacular - you can watch the replay of the race here.

As of right now, the United States is tied for 4th place in the medal count with 16 medals - six of those gold.

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