My mouth is already watering...

The 'Beer, Burger and Bacon' Festival is coming up on August 5th at Canterbury Park.

The best times in life usually involve food, drinks and music so share this article with a bacon lovin' friend and start making plans for the 'Beer, Burger and Bacon' festival'.

You'll be able to enjoy ice cold beer from over 50 breweries, bacon and burger creations from over a dozen great restaurants and live music from the Bodeans!


There are three different ticket packages offered:

BoDeans General Admission – $20:  Includes live racing admission and area access to music from the BoDeans and an opportunity to purchase Burger and Bacon.  Beer/Liquor for sale.

Beerfest Access – $45:  Includes racing, beer samples from over 50 breweries and 200 unique beers & Music from the BoDeans.  Burger & Bacon samples available for purchase.

VIP Ticket – $75:  Includes Racing, Beerfest access PLUS a 30-minute head start on sampling beer, burgers and bacon, complimentary full-size beers & food. VIP seating area for music area, private bathrooms and more.  Burger & Bacon samples available for purchase.

Get more info and tickets here!


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