Everyday, all summer long, you can find my 3-year-old son creating "construction sites" in his sandbox. It's been frozen over for several months now, so we've spent a lot of time watching 'Mighty Machines' on TV, and even created a quarry inside so he could still play with his diggers. Saturday morning, I saw someone post about the biggest indoor sandbox in Minnesota, and knew we had to take him and my daughter.

We packed up some diggers and hit the road for the Minnesota Zoo. Their theme from now until March 11th is Tropical Beach Party. Once inside, we explored the tropical rain forest for about an hour, and then headed to the sandbox. My son unpacked his front loader and excavator and dug right it - he was in heaven. My daughter liked the sand but was more interested in the pink flamingos, fish and birds. It was extremely busy but definitely worth the price of admission. Your kids will get dirty so dress them accordingly and remember to pack toys! You can learn more here on the Minnesota Zoo's website.

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