Aubrey DeRosier from Kasson, Minnesota might only be 8 1/2 years old but her generosity and kindness have made her one of the biggest local heroes in Southeast Minnesota.  For the last 2 1/2 years, she has been looking forward to the day when she could help out kids, just like the ones she met at the pediatric floor at the Mayo Clinic when she was in Kindergarten.

Meet Minnesota's Newest Local Hero, 8-Year-Old Aubrey!

Aubrey's story all starts because of a sledding accident when she was in Kindergarten.  I could tell you the story but Aubrey actually does a really good job telling it on her own below in the video.  Her story is amazing and I have a feeling it could even inspire you today. #Watch #LocalHero

Aubrey's Hair Donation Journey...through photos.

2 1/2 years ago is when Aubrey had that sledding accident that ended up chipping her ankle bone.  She looks pretty happy here but this hospital is where Aubrey's idea to help other kids began.

Anne Holtan

Aubrey's rocking that awesome boot as she continues to heal and recover from her accident.

Anne Holtan

Time for the big day!  2/12 years after her sledding accident, Aubrey was ready to donate her hair to help other kids out that lost theirs due to their illnesses.  She ended up donating over a foot of hair to Wigs for Kids!

Anne Holtan

Look at all that hair that was donated!

Anne Holtan

The magic happened thanks to Krista at Sola Salons!

Anne Holtan

How you can donate hair to Wigs for Kids

If you are curious, maybe want to know more about growing your hair out to help kids too, click here to learn more about the Wigs for Kids organization.

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Do you know another local hero that deserves a shoutout?

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