This guy definitely deserves an applause for this comedic genius. A Minnesota man was pulled over the other day and tried to get out of it by using a card from the Monopoly board game.

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This sounds like something a college friend of mine would totally pull (if you're reading this and went to college with me you know exactly who I'm talking about). But I really don't think he would have been driving in Chisago County on Friday night so sadly I can't give him any credit.

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Minnesota Man Uses 'Get Out of Jail Free' Card

The Chisago County Sheriff's Office shared the hilarious story on their Facebook page over the weekend. This took place on Friday night. One of their officers pulled someone over and when he went to the driver's window the guy handed him his license and a 'Get Out of Jail Free' card from Monopoly.

Like Traci mentioned in the comments of the Facebook post, "I wonder how long they have been holding on to this card. I don't think they are that color anymore." I'm just imagining this dude years ago saying to his buddies "he he, I'm going to keep this in my car for the next time I get pulled over and see what happens."

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No word on why the guy got pulled over or if he ended up getting a ticket or not but like the Facebook post says, "points for the effort and humor". As long as he wasn't pulled over for anything crazy, I kind of hope he got to go without a ticket, because this is just too funny.

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