The goal of many people who fish is to reel in a bigger catch than before. I'm going to be honest, I'm not sure this Minnesota teen will beat the catch he made the other day.

Connor is just starting his freshman year of high school in Moorhead, according to WDAY. But before the school year kicked off, his family took a trip to Lake of the Woods to go fishing. If you've never been to Lake of the Woods or seen pictures, it's huge.

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So Connor and his family are out fishing and he notices that something is on his hook. He thought he had hooked a big fish so he went to town reeling it in.

His cousin netted the catch and to their surprise, it wasn't a big fish, it was a wallet. A wallet that was filled with $2,000 in cash! Also in the wallet was a business card. So right away the family called the number.

That's when they find the owner of this wallet that was apparently lost for about a year. His name is Jim and he's a farmer in Iowa.

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Jim had been out fishing in Lake of the Woods the year prior. The water was pretty rough and he didn't notice his wallet slip out of his pocket until he went to pay for his resort fee. I bet that's why he had the cash on him.

Connor and Jim connected and they met up for Jim to get his wallet back. Jim tried to give Connor a cash reward but Connor turned it down. Jim wanted to do SOMETHING for them, so instead he gifted Connor a sweet, customized cooler and took his whole family out to dinner.

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