A Minnesota woman has been selected to participate in a pretty cool experience of a lifetime. She's going to be going on 50 dates in all 50 states in hopes of finding her person! And we can follow along.

Her name is Olivia and she applied for this TikTok series along with about 1,200 other people. And she was selected to be the lead!

The series is called '50 Dates 50 States' and the name is self-explanatory. It has close to 600,000 followers on TikTok and I'm sure the series will get even more popular with this third season.

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The creator of the series is Matthew. The Star Tribune says he started it two years ago and over those two years, he was the lead. Now, he was on the hunt for someone else to go on the dates to find love and he would solely be the producer.

So Olivia and Matthew will drive around the country (except for Hawaii and Alaska, flights are involved for those) over the next 6 months. Olivia will go on a little over 8 dates per month in each state.

Minnesota Woman on '50 Dates 50 States'

Each of the guys she'll be meeting had to submit applications as well. The Star Tribune writes that the guys had to "describe themselves, suggest a unique date idea and share any special talents or skills that they have. They also [had] to submit a picture for [Olivia] to approve of." There are also background checks run on each of the guys.

Each date will consist of lunch, an activity, and dinner all put together by Matthew. The dates, travel, and Matthew and Olivia's salary are paid for by sponsors of the show and the TikTok Creator Fund.

I'll be really curious to see how this goes for her! Whatever happens, it'll be quite a unique experience.

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