The Minnesota Zoo has hosted adults-only nights in the past. I've gone to one and it was super fun! But as far as I'm aware they've only been on Thursdays and during the summer. Now the zoo is offering a few adults-only nights but on Saturdays and during the winter! I definitely will be going.

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Minnesota Zoo Adults-Only Nights

During their summer event, you have to be 18+ to enter. The event kicks off after they close their doors for regular hours. Then it's free reign for the adults! They have booze for sale at different booths around the zoo and snacks too, of course.

I'm a massive animal lover and I've always had so much fun going to the zoo. Being able to casually wander the zoo with a beer in hand along with fellow adult animal lovers was awesome.

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Minnesota Zoo 'Zoo After Hours'

The official name for the event is 'Zoo After Hours'. They have three dates right now for the winter version of their adults-only nights and they're on Saturdays. I'm especially excited that they're on Saturdays now because since moving to Rochester I haven't been able to go to the adults-only nights since they were on Thursdays. Now that at least these are on Saturdays it makes it much easier for us down in southeast Minnesota to make the trip.

The dates for 'Zoo After Hours' are:

Saturday, January 21st 5-8:30 PM

Saturday, February 11th 5-8:30 PM

Saturday March 11th 5-8:30 PM

You need to buy tickets in advance to the event. Tickets are $15 per person (unless you're a zoo member, then it's). Parking is also free during the adults-only nights! Like with the summer ones, there will be beverages and snacks for sale. All of the indoor attractions will be open for the event but none of the outdoor ones will be available.

I'm really excited to go to one of these, it's been too long since I've been to the zoo!

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