There's an ice cream shop in Stillwater, Minnesota that has been serving the area since the 1920s. They may also be home to the world's largest ice cream cones! They also opened a second location in St. Paul in the past few years.

The ice cream shop is called Nelson's Ice Cream. It wasn't originally just an ice cream shop. When John Lustig opened the place in 1923 it was the Seven Corners grocery store. According to Nelson's website, "the store offered ice cream and the first pasteurized milk in the area." So while they were in the ice cream business from the start, it wasn't the main focus.

When John died, the store was taken over by a guy named Art Nelson. When Art died his nephew, Wade, bought the store. After doing so he changed the name to Nelson's Dairy Store and focused on selling ice cream. The shop went through a few more owners but is now owned by the Najarian family and has been since 2006.

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When Wade was in charge and changed the store to its ice cream focus, Nelson's became known for its large portions. "[They] served generous two-scoop ice cream cones for ten cents in the 60s." And they're still selling massive ice cream cones to this day!

I've never been to Nelson's but people rave about them online. One person from Norway left a review on Trip Advisor and says that they think Nelson's has the largest ice cream cones in the world! The reviewer's name is Runar and they write, "They have 42 different flavours and the sizes of the cones are enormous. Some say 'everything in the US is huge!', but the Ice Creams you buy here really are. We ordered the smallest size recommended for children but it was almost too much for an adult."

The next time you're in the Stillwater or St. Paul area, check them out and see if you agree that Nelson's has the largest ice cream cones in the world!

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