Have you been seeing those text message conversations about cooking turkey popping up on your newsfeed yet? If not, start your own because these are priceless. Text your mom asking how long to cook a 25-pound turkey IN THE MICROWAVE. Moms are entirely too nice sometimes.

Some of my favorite responses from a Buzzfeed article:

  • I should've never let you move out
  • Why the hell would they assign you the turkey? You should be in charge of napkins or wine or something. Clearly, these friends don't know you!
  • Just buy a premade chicken. It's about the gathering, not what you serve.
  • 3 years

One can not simply write about this without joining in on the fun! I, of course, had to text my mom. I thought for sure she would immediately know this was a joke. But, hook, line, and sinker. My mom thinks I'm a big dumb. I mean, I know I suck at cooking, but oofta.

Her response: "You're hilarious! For one, it won't fit in your microwave, and two, it will be tough as s**t. Aldi has turkeys that are not frozen. Just put it in the oven on 325." ---LOL, thanks, mom!

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