I shared about Hygge (sounds like HOO-GAH), which means "coziness", a popular Danish lifestyle with you before and I wanted to delve into this a bit more. This past weekend, I continued to work on my house for some spring cleaning while keeping in mind the Hygge concepts that's all the rage right now and becoming increasingly popular in America.

Hygge is the "art of intimacy" by creating an ambiance in your home that's relaxing and a sanctuary of comfort. There's lots of ways to create a space within your home that meets these needs. We're all busy and often at a fast pace in this country. It doesn't leave a lot of opportunity for self-care to focus on our needs and rejuvenation. But if you create a home environment that facilitates the Hygge lifestyle, your humble abode can become the best place to recharge. Here's how you do that:

  • 1

    Less is more

  • 2

    Gather around warmth

    The best way to add some warmth with the Hygge lifestyle are to add some candles and utilize the fireplace. If you don't have a fireplace, use more candles!

  • 3

    Wrap up in a blanket

    Keep some soft lap blankets on hand. This is a great way to bundle up and enjoy the comfort. Additional points for wrapping up in a blanket with someone else!

  • 4

    A cup o' tea

  • 5

    Wear your comfies

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