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It’s April 1st and everyone I know is talking about Major League Baseball’s Opening Day and April Fool’s Day, but I’m way more excited by the fact that it is National Burrito Day!

I’ll be feasting at Los Arcos Kitchen and Cantina which is located out by the Rochester International Airport. This Mexican restaurant is relatively new, they opened in September of 2019, and have amazing food and gigantic portions. If you’ve never been, I highly recommend going right now. Their seafood burrito is my favorite. It’s huge and full of flavor. I think it’s not only the best burritos in town – I think it’s one of the best meals you can get at any Rochester restaurant.

You could also hit up Boxcar Hippie today. This ghost kitchen restaurant opened in February and the early reviews are overwhelmingly positive. It’s located under Porch Chicken in downtown Rochester and since it’s a ghost kitchen there is no actual dining area – all orders are takeout and delivery.

Or you could go with a tried-and-true burrito from Chipotle. They actually have a special promotion going on today called “Burritos or Bitcoins”. You get 10 chances to figure out a secret 6-digit passcode and you don’t even have to visit Chipotle to play – you can try to win online.  According to chipotle.com, you could “unlock $200K in Burritos or Bitcoin” if you correctly guess the passcode.

Speaking of Mexican food, did you see that Taco John’s has launched a value meal? They have a special promotion running right now where you can get a free taco when you buy a Pepsi.

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