I have known Miss Minnesota Madeline Van Ert for a while now. I remember when she was just a little girl running around the church I used to work at! I must say that the young woman I see before me has grown into a pretty remarkable individual. This past summer she was crowned Miss Minnesota. She went on to compete in the Miss America pageant, walking away with what many of us in Minnesota think is so cool, as she won the title "Miss Congeniality." It couldn't have been more fitting for Minnesota Nice.

As such, I am honored to profile her for National Philanthropy day because her Minnesota Nice goes beyond her gorgeous smile.

On National Philanthropy Day (November 15), the Association of Fundraising Professionals offers its thanks to everyone on the front lines for Good. Whether you are a fundraiser, a donor, a volunteer or a professional in the nonprofit sector, your empathy and compassion is testament to the inherent generosity of humankind.

Miss Minnesota Madeline Van Ert encompasses a philanthropist in so many ways. Her efforts related to the Arts and her dedication to this community showcase her sincere desire to contribute. Recently, she participated in Turnaround Arts (she even got to work with Taylor Hawkins from the Foo Fighters), she shows her love and support to veterans and I have also worked with her closely on worthy causes like the #kindnessinchalk - where groups of us went to local schools to write inspiring, kind messages on the sidewalk for students when they walked into school the next day.

Madeline is the real deal when it comes to "the inherent generosity of humankind." Thanks for all you do, Madeline!

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