Except it didn't, because I'd read this story from almost a month ago.

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For the past week or so, I've been having the same two numbers call me non-stop. I guess my curiosity finally got the best of me, because I just wanted to scream "WHAT?!" into the phone.

As I picked up the phone and said "hello," the person on the other end of the line strangely went right into his routine and said he was from the "customer service department," and then he asked if I could hear him okay?

There was no asking how I was doing. No "Hello, Mr. Matthews." Nothing!

But that's how the scam works. The person on the other end is just trying to get you to say "yes."

If you get a call and hear anything similar to that, just HANG UP. Scammers have recorded those "yes" responses to make unauthorized purchases and they use your recorded “yes” to verify it.

The two numbers that have been calling me are:

(612) 800-9191, and (612) 800-9690.

Another friend said the # (844) 757-5685 tried a similar trick with him, as well.

So my advice is simple: when these unknown numbers pop up, don’t answer them and then block them immediately.

Be sure and pass this along to friends and family members who may be more susceptible to scammers such as this.

I never thought my cell would be one to ring for a scam such as this, but it just shows that they can literally target anyone... don't be their next victim.

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