I’ve always brought my dry cleaning to Nature's Best Cleaners ever since my husband and I moved to Rochester years ago. They're locally owned, always friendly, and have great service.

But a deal they are offering this month caught my attention: BOCO Comforters. For each comforter you have cleaned in February, you can get a second one cleaned free — and all the proceeds will go toward United Way Olmsted County. The deal is good at any of their four Rochester area locations.

This deal reminded me of an uncomfortable fact: I have never washed my comforter… how gross is that? You wash your sheets a decent amount, or at least you're supposed to. So you should wash your comforter, too.

But my comforter definitely doesn’t fit in our normal washer/dryer. One time I tried to wash one of our old, smaller comforters that fit and ended up burning and melting part of it in the dryer! It's really best to leave it to the experts.

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Aaron Galloway/Townsquare Media

I just brought in two of my comforters into Nature's Best Cleaners the other day, and I’m seriously looking forward to getting them back all nice and clean. 

And don’t worry about how dirty it is. No job is too big for them. I brought in a comforter that was clearly covered in cat fur because that’s the one the cats like to sleep on. I felt really bad and a little embarrassed, but one of the owners, Jessica, assured me that it was not a problem. They are here to make your life easier.

I got to see the inner workings of Nature's Best Cleaners, and it’s so organized back there! I also learned a bit more about their wash and fold service. You can choose a 20-gallon or 30-gallon bag, fill it with your regular laundry, and let them take care of your family's washing and drying. You'll get it back neatly folded.

You can add an optional pick-up and delivery, and they'll reach out to let you know if you sent in a specialty care item before cleaning those items, which have separate charges.

I know this service can save so much time for so many people, so while you're rounding up your comforters for this month's special, take a look at Nature's Best Cleaners' other services to see if they can check more tasks off your list. Learn more at naturesbestcleaners.net.

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