Summertime sadness is a very real thing here in Minnesota.

It's defined by Urban Dictionary as "a state of mind where one mourns the loss of the freedoms and/or temporary relationships of summer."

One way to boost your spirits during these cold gray winter days is to simply pull out your phone and go through your picture gallery. You get an instant jolt of happiness by scrolling back and looking at those fun pics you took with friends and family last summer.

Share one of those awesome pics with us and you could win tickets to see Lana Del Rey perform the song "Summertime Sadness" at the Target Center on Jan. 5th. (Tickets are still available to purchase.)

To enter to win these concert tickets you need to:

  • Download the 106.9 KROC App
  • Click photo/video submission on the menu of the app
  • Upload your favorite time summertime pic and contact info
  • Cross your fingers

We'll pick winners the week of 1/1/2018.  Good luck!


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