If you and I haven't met yet, there are a few things that you should know.  First, I've lived in the freezing cold state of Minnesota for 23 years.  (I grew up in the state below and trust me, Iowa's winters are worse.)  Second, I AM the Coffee Queen of the Land of 10,000 Lakes!

Right now a few of you are starting to ask Siri "Who is the Coffee Queen of the Land of 10,000 Lakes" because you had no idea this was a real thing.

Because I've got all the latest info on the coffee news in the Midwest, I just had to share it with you...Caribou Coffee has been up to something pretty tasty.


Minnesota-Based Caribou Coffee Just Announced Their Latest Holiday Drinks!

I think I had a bit of a daydream today as I was waiting for Taylor Swift's Cruel Summer song to finish up during my show on Y-105FM.  All I remember was that I started to have a bit of a craving for a chocolate, mint, and obviously, whipped cream cup of deliciousness.  I didn't know it but I think I was craving Caribou's newest drink - the Ho Ho Mint Mocha Espresso Shaker.

According to a press release from Caribou Coffee, their holiday beverages and cups showed up in style on Thursday, November 2nd at Caribou stores.  According to Matt Reiter, the Senior Vice President of Product & Procurement, they "are embracing the spirit of innovation this year with the return of Caribou's holiday beverage line-up".

Caribou Coffee
Caribou Coffee

Check Out The New Holiday Menu for Minnesota-based Caribou Coffee Stores

To say I'm struggling right now is an understatement.  There are so many good choices on the new Holiday menu from Caribou, I really am not sure what to try first.  Look through the choices and then let me know over on the Y-105FM app, which one sounds the best.

    • Ho Ho Mint Mocha - Real white chocolate melted into steamed milk and combined with espresso and mint flavor, topped with whipped cream and candy canes. Also available iced, blended or nitro.
    • Ho Ho Mint Mocha Espresso Shaker - Fresh espresso shaken with mint flavor, white chocolate sauce, and ice topped with a splash of oatmilk.
    • Iced Ho Ho Mint Mocha Crafted Press - Cold press iced coffee with a splash of milk, real sugar and hints of both white chocolate and mint, served over ice.  Crafted Press is also available hot or blended.
    • Vanilla Oat Nog Latte - Espresso and steamed oat nog combined with vanilla flavor, topped with ground nutmeg. Also available iced.
    • Iced Vanilla Oat Nog Crafted Press - Cold press iced coffee with a spash of oat nog, real sugar and a hint of vanilla, served over ice. Crafted press is also available hot or blended.
    • Spicy Mocha - Real chocolate melted into steamed milk and combined with espresso and flavors of ancho and chipotle peppers and topped with whipped cream and chocolate chips.  Also available iced, blended or nitro.
    • Cranberry Orange Muffin -An orange muffin studded with sweet cranberries and topped with coarse sugar.

The cups are pretty cut too, don't you think?  I hope I get the blue one on my next visit!

Valentyn Volkov ThinkStock
Valentyn Volkov ThinkStock

What is Better - Iced Coffee or Hot Coffee?

I don't really understand the reason for iced coffee.  When it is freezing cold outside in the state of Minnesota, what makes iced coffee better than hot coffee?  Enlighten me over on my Facebook page at Jessica On The Radio.

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