I never tried "New Coke" when it was released back in the day but I remember hearing how awful it was. One of my teachers told us that she freaked out at the time, thinking the soda company was going to eliminate the original flavor. She said she rushed out and purchased as many cases as she could. She must have bought hundreds and hundreds of cases because after she told us her story she opened her classroom closet and it was still full of coke - several years after the new version flopped.

"New Coke" is featured in the upcoming season of "Stranger Things" so Coca-Cola has decided to bring it back. The production of "New Coke" will be limited to 500,000 cans according to CNN and the company also plans a line of "Stranger Things" themed cans.

Coca-Cola reps say product placement during hit shows like "Stranger Things" is part of their marketing strategy.

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