July 1st was the start of a new fiscal year, so that means new laws have officially taken effect in Minnesota. These new laws have to do with deliveries, driver's tests, education, the environment, and elections.

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Minnesota's New Laws as of July 1st, 2024

One new law is about using plain language on driver's license tests.

WCCO writes that the tests will now be required to be '"organized to serve the reader's needs and written using clear, simplified language."' The new written standards and the new test will be out by February 1st, 2025.


Another new law involves education. One piece of this law is that American Indian cultural practices, observances, and ceremonies will now be considered as an excused religious absence from school.

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This law also allows parents to be able to view their child's "individual performance data and achievement report." Schools will also now be required to create "individual performance data and achievement report(s)."

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Next, there's a new law that criminalizes the use of 'deepfakes' to influence elections. If a candidate is found guilty they automatically forfeit the nomination or election.

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There's also a new law that designates money to Minnesota's natural environment. It says that $79.64 million in lottery proceeds will be used by the Environmental and Natural Resources Trust Fund to cover more than 100 projects.

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And the last new law that we'll talk about is one that I think people have taken the most notice of. There is now an extra delivery fee being added to certain delivery orders.

This fee is only applicable to orders of $100 or more on orders of tangible personal property subject to sales tax and/or clothing. This fee will not be applied to food, medicine, or baby products.

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The fee is only 50 cents per order but that can add up quickly over time for the state. The money will be put towards the new transportation advancement account.

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