According to a new study, California is number one and Minnesota is a close second. Unfortunately, this isn't a list that you want to rank high on.

The rankings, released by an insurance company named QuoteWizard, reveal that Minnesota has the second worst drivers in the country. Our state made a big jump from number 11 last year - thanks to a rise in accidents, speeding and other citations.

QuoteWizard also lists "Minnesota Nice" as a contributing factor. They say Minnesotans are too nice and passive which leads to being indecisive on the roads.

Rhode Island was the state with the best drivers.

So what annoys people most about Minnesota drivers? According to our listeners:

  • Driving slow in the left lane! Seriously, if you see a parade of cars in your rear view mirror - you're the problem - move!
  • Texting while driving. Put your phone down. And don't be the person that stalls traffic at a stoplight because you're too busy looking down at your phone to realize the light has turned green!
  • Merging! This goes back to the passive/Minnesota Nice factor. Just hit the gas and go.

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