I just discovered news that could make you never look at your coworkers the same way again.


According to a new survey of office workers in the United Kingdom, a third of the respondents admitted...

...to stealing a co-worker’s lunch.

Why? “Because it looked better than theirs.” MONSTERS.

Twelve percent of the respondents admitted to stealing a co-worker’s lunch simply because they were hungry and didn’t bring anything.


As someone who has been the victim of lunch theft, this is very unwelcome news (it's still hard for me to talk about the time my half-eaten Chipotle burrito bowl was swiped overnight). So what’s the solution to this problem?

For one thing, you definitely want to make sure the food you put in the employee fridge is clearly marked as yours. That's if you want to behave like a rational adult. That probably works 50% of the time.

But for anyone willing to take the low road, there is one thing you can do. It won't protect your sandwich from being stolen, but it will give some instant karma to the office thief: lick every single inch of that sandwich before you wrap it up and place it into the office fridge. Cough on your salad. Breath all over that soda can. It's technically not morally wrong because it's still your clearly-marked food! Because even if your lunch is stolen....you still win.

Lunch is serious business. Hands off.

Source: WCCO

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