Rochester city leaders are already preparing for the winter. One of the topics being discussed to prepare is the possibility of parking restrictions in winter months.

If the proposal passes for these new parking restrictions, KROC News reports, "year-round, the plan would not allow any parking on streets that are less than 26-feet wide and restrict parking to only one side if the street is between 26 and 30 feet wide." Seasonal restrictions would be effective between October 1st and May 1st with an even-odd day parking policy and prohibiting all parking within cul-de-sacs. KROC News reports, "that plan would also allow for the towing of vehicles parked in violation of the revised ordinance without any waiting period following the declaration of a snow emergency. The restrictions would not affect streets with parking meters or where parking is restricted to one side year-round."

I remember where I grew up we had similar parking restrictions set up. I think it's a great idea and would definitely help with getting roads cleared.

Another topic of discussion is the clearing of sidewalks and ramps. KROC News writes that the city could "expand the requirement for property owners to clear snow from sidewalks to include pedestrian ramps, prohibit pushing snow into streets or alleys, and prohibit piling snow to heights that interfere with the view of drivers."

A meeting is being held on the 19th to discuss these proposals.

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