Say say say, hey hey now NFL fans... how we feeling about this one?

According to reports, Maroon 5 will be this years halftime performers at the 2019 Super Bowl in Atlanta, Georgia on February 3rd. Oh joy.

Look, I'm not ripping the band per se because I happen to really like Maroon 5. I'm just disappointed because we've been doing the same theme for the past couple years now and it's starting to get stale all over again.

Stylistically the band fits in with recent performances such as Justin Timberlake last year, along with Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars before that, so it's no surprise the NFL would continue to tap that avenue when it comes to it's halftime entertainment. I understand that one of the great challenges in choosing a halftime performer isn’t just its mainstream appeal, but in finding an artist who hasn’t already performed.

But remember after "Nipple-gate" when the NFL suddenly banned all pop rock artists, and suddenly went all 'classic' rock on us for almost a decade? People were getting sick of seeing Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney, U2, and The Who gracing the stage every single year. So yeah, now I'd say it's starting to get overkill on this flavor of music now too.

Granted, there's always that chance that Maroon 5 could surprise us with special appearances from Kendrick Lamar, or Cardi B (Gosh I hope not) since they've collaborated with so many artists the past few years with monster hits... but then there's that chance that nothing happens either, like with Gaga and Timberlake the past two years.

Why can't we do the country route for a while, or even rock? I think a Metallica halftime show would please a lot of fans around the world - or Foo Fighters?! Will it ever happen? Maybe, maybe not. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed it does, someday!

Up until Timberlake performed last year, I usually had more interest in raiding the snack table a third time than watching the halftime show... but since it was in Minnesota I decided to give it a chance. Hopefully Maroon 5 can keep me coming back to the TV, otherwise I'll just stick to grazing above the cheese dip for those 20-30 minutes between game action.

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